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Spending a lifetime in pursuit of imagery on canvas or on paper,
how does one present a logical arrangement to the viewer? My
challenge is to make the focus on something of interest,
whether it is an object, a subject, or even a splash of color or
contrast in a pattern or shape. The purpose is to cause interest
or, to create pause, so the viewer can absorb the work at hand.
At this point, the moment is still, giving time for reaction, or
reflection. My body of work mirrors life: light vs dark, grand vs
insignificant, action vs calm, color vs muted tones, and pattern
vs shape.

Often an object or image appears unintended, which creates
positive ending purpose for the work. For instance, a simplistic
painting of an ocean wave using whites, dark blues, aqua in an
action swirl, might reveal upon a closer look, a “tiki” amongst
the swell. Whether it is a happy accident or a subconscious
intention, this gives myself the artist a thrill, and hopefully a
delight to the viewer. As described, this hidden imagery is
a hallmark of my works.

The colors I tend to use are rich blues, rainforest greens, vibrant
oranges and yellows, splashes of reds and maroon, intertwined
into the depths of space and time, lying somewhere in the
impressionistic world of color.

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