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As a lifelong artist, and having spent her youth pulling inspiration and influence from the world around her, Jane O. uses color as a communication element in art.  She grew up in South Louisiana, and spent her college years in Louisiana, and Hawaii. The tropical and sub tropical climates are realized in the design, subject matter, and approach in her watercolor, oil, and acrylic works.  From residing in Southern California , to her travels  throughout Hawaii, and the South Pacific, the current influence of color and ideas, is derived from not only people, and places, but also cultural heritage. The newest collection of art is  based on tikis, which  is an example of artistic growth and discovery.  Her family, her own philosophy towards art and expression,  and her coastal lifestyle, continue to push her to new limits of creativity.-

J.E.O.Z.  (Jane O. Zeiger aka JaneZartist)

Instagram:  jzbythesea

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